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"After all, only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." ~ Warren Buffet

▢ Acid Wash (Surface Brightening) 

▢ Surface Polishing (Hydro-torquing)

▢ Surface Re-finish

▢ Fiberglass Surface to Plaster Surface Conversion

▢ Tile Replacement: Waterline, Gutterline, Step Cap (Step Trim), Belly-Band (slope change)

▢ Depth Marker & No Diving Marker Safety Tile (Deck and Wall) Replacement.

▢  Coping Replacement

▢  Beam Repair

▢  Deck (Sealing, Paver Installation, Acrylic)



"Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship" ~ Benjamin Franklin

▢  Heaters (LP Gas and Natural Gas)

▢  Heat Pumps (Electrical)

▢  Pumps and Motors

▢  Filters (DE, Cartridge, Sand) / Filter Elements (Cartridge, Grid)

▢  Chlorine and Acid Feeders (Tablet Erosion, Stenner for Liquid)

▢  ORP Controllers

▢  Gauges (Flowmeter, Vacuum, Pressure, Thermometer)

▢  Piping / Valves / Water Level Control (Auto-fill)

▢  Underwater Lights (Incandescent, LED)

▢  Ladders / Handrails

▢  VGBA Main Drain Covers / Gutter Grates / Skimmer Weirs



"Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely." ~Unknown

▢  Weekly Full-Service

     ✓ Water Testing, Record-Keeping & Chemical Treatment

     ✓ Surface Skimming  & Vacuuming

     ✓ Tile Cleaning & Wall Brushing

     ✓ Backwash Filter & Empty Pump Baskets

▢  Weekly Chemical Service 

     ✓ Water Testing, Record-Keeping & Chemical Treatment

▢  Weekly Chemical Checks

     ✓ Water Testing & Record-Keeping

▢  Temporary Service to cover for illness, vacations, & departures.

Licensed Contractors Serving The Greater Tampa Bay Area

Our Coverage Area

Currently we are proud to serve property owners, property managers, and residents of West Central Florida

  • Pinellas County, FL
  • Hillsborough County, FL
  • Pasco County, FL
  • Manatee County, FL
  • Hernando County (Select Areas)
  • Polk County (Select Areas)

and have successfully completed projects in Southwest Florida's Collier County.

Commercial & Municipal Pools

Since 1973, Artistic Pools of Florida has met the specific swimming pool repair, swimming pool products, and swimming pool supplies needs of Commercial and Municipal Clients - Hotels, Motels, Condominium Associations & Apartment Complexes (Multi-Family), Management Companies (LCAM), Athletic facilities, Health & Fitness Centers, Country Clubs, and Community Centers.  From servicing and installing equipment to remodeling interior surfaces, tile, and decks, we solve problems expertly and on time.

Single Family Home Pools

Artistic Pools of Florida enjoys meeting the specific needs of our Residential Clients who include Individual Homeowners, Property Preservation Managers, General Contractors, "Snow-Bird" Service Providers, Bank Foreclosure Representatives, and Neighborhood Associations. Our expertise solves problems quickly, saving money, and ensuring your family, neighbors, and friends have a pool and spa that they can really enjoy.

State of Florida Certified Commercial Pool/Spa Contractor CPC1458877

This contractor can build or repair any swimming pool or spa, both public and private. This contractor's scope of work includes the installation and repair of equipment, work on interior finishes, the installation of package pool heaters, the installation of perimeter and filter piping, and the construction of equipment rooms or housing for pool/spa equipment. 

State of Florida Certified Pool/Spa Servicing Contractor CPC044951 | CPC1458023

This contractor can repair or service any swimming pool or spa, both public or private. This contractor can repair or replace existing equipment, install new equipment, work on interior finishes, reinstall or add pool heaters, repair or replace perimeter piping and filter piping, repair equipment rooms and housing, and drain pools or spas for purposes of repair.

State of Florida Licensed LP Gas Installer LP Gas 22656

Licensed to engage in the liquefied petroleum gas business including installing, servicing, altering, or modifying appliances, equipment, piping, or tubing to convey liquefied petroleum gas to appliances or equipment and selling or offering to sell, leasing or offering to lease, appliances or equipment for the use of liquefied petroleum gas.