"Sometimes God calms the storm.  At other times, he calms the sailor.  And sometimes he makes us swim."  ~Author Unknown

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General Questions

Q: Do you service my city in the Tampa Bay?
A: Yes. If you live in the following cities. PINELLAS COUNTY: Bay Pines, Belleair, Belleair Beach, Belleair Bluff, Belleair Shores, Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, Crystal Beach, Dunedin, Gulfport, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, Kenneth City, Largo, Madeira Beach, North Redington Beach, Oldsmar, Ozona, Palm Harbor, Pass a Grille, Pass a Grille Beach, Pinellas Park, Redington Beach, Redington Shores, Safety Harbor, Saint Petersburg, Saint Pete Beach, Seminole, South Pasadena, Tarpon Springs, Tierra Verde, Treasure Island. PASCO COUNTY: Bayonet Point, Elfers, Holiday, Hudson, Port Richey, New Port Richey, Odessa, Trinity. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY: Carrollwood, Macdill Air Force Base, Northdale, Palma Ceia, Tampa, Temple Terrace, Town N Country, Westchase.

Q: Is your company insured?
A: Yes. We are insured. We carry General Liability Insurance, Auto Insurance, and we comply fully with Workman's Comp per the laws of the State of Florida.

Q: Will you bid on my swimming pool or spa project?
A: Yes. We offer FREE bids for all remodeling, new equipment installation, major repair requests, and weekly cleaning services.

Q: Do you accept any Credit Cards?
A: Yes. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card.

Q: Do you accept personal checks?
A: Yes. If current Driver's License information and  telephone number are recorded on the check

Q: I am a Commercial or Municipal Client, may I be billed for all services, chemicals, and supplies?
A: Yes. Invoices will be sent out on the Friday of each week for all work performed from the previous Friday through Thursday.

Q: Do you love animals?
A: Yes. However, customers are responsible for containing and restraining their pets.

Q: Will you be careful with my lawn?
A: Yes. But, we will not be held responsible for your lawn. Please keep in mind that, depending on what you are having done to your pool or spa, your yard may have quite a bit of localized traffic from the transport of equipment and materials. Resuming normal lawn maintenance and irrigation will bring your lawn back to its original beauty.

Q: Is there a difference between your warranty and the manufacturers warranty?
A: Yes. We warranty our workmanship on all products for 30 days. Manufacturers warranty the actual products. We work very hard to interceed on your behalf with manufacturers but we are not responsible for the cost of defective products. Also, please be aware that manufacturers will not pay for you to have a defective product replaced. They typically will replace defective product (read their fine print) but you will be responsible for paying for the actual labor to replace the defective product.

Equipment Installation, Repair Services, & Parts

Q: Is there a difference between a Repair Rate and a Labor Rate for Repair Services?
A: Yes.  The Repair Rate is the charge for having one of our Repair Techs diagnose and/or make repairs on your pool or spa equipment for up to one hour at your location. The Labor Rate is the charge for the time it takes one of our Repair Techs to complete repairs or replacements for your pool or spa equipment beyond the one hour included in the Repair Rate. This charge does not include the cost of parts and/or replacement equipment. The Labor Rate is pro-rated which means that you will be charged in 15 minute blocks and you are not charged for time it takes for a Repair Tech to go to a parts supplier during the repair.

Q: Is Payment due at the time Repair Service is provided?
A: Yes. Payment is due at the time Repair service is provided. If the responsible person or other authorized representative will not be present at the time and place of repair services in order to provide payment, a credit card needs to be submitted in advance as payment for the repair and labor charges which will be incurred. At the completion of services, the credit card that was submitted will be automatically charged for all balances due. If an authorized representative who is capable of payment is not present at the time and place of repair services, neither diagnosis nor repair work will be initiated.

Remodeling Services 

Q: Is Marquis better than Diamond Brite for Plastered Quartz Finishes even though both are leading brands?
Yes. In our experience. Marquis has a creamier texture which leads to better troweling during the plastering phase and less room for error or irregularities. Further, the manufacturer of Diamond Brite has not been as good as the manufacturer of Marquis in honoring warranty claims or assisting homeowners with defects.

Q: Has Marcite gone the way of the Dinosaur?
A: Yes. Initially, Marcite was great for plastering pools because it was very strong and durable. The a lot of the strength and durability in this mixture came from the asbestos in the mixture. Then the awful effects of asbesto, including cancer, were discovered. Now, marcite pool surfaces can no longer contain asbestos. The resulting mixture without the asbestos is safe but far less durable and strong now.

Q: Are Painted Epoxy Pool Surfaces and Sprayed Fiberglass Pool Surfaces costly to repair?
A: Yes. When your painted or fiberglass pool begins to come off the surface of the pool, the entire layer of paint or fiberglass has to be sandblasted off before you can even begin to resurface this pool. This typically costs thousands of extra dollars. Plastered Quartz Finish techniques do not require the removal of the old surface giving you a cost savings from the first time you resurface.

Q: Is a deposit required for Remodel Services?

A: Yes. A 50% deposit is required for remodel projects such as resurfacing (refinishing), and complete tile installs.

Q: Can I cancel the remodel?
A: Yes. You may cancel in writing within 72 hours after giving the deposit. No deposits will be refunded after a 72 hour period if you still decide to cancel.

Q: May I change my mind after the project has started?
A: Yes. But any alteration or deviation from the agreed upon specifications may cost extra. All changes must be in writing.

Q: Am I responsible for leaks already in my pool?
A: Yes. Artistic Pools is not responsible for any existing leaks before commencement of work. Homeowner agrees if leak is found after completion of work and tested to prove it was a previous defect, homeowner will be responsible for test cost as well as repair.

Q: Will an electrician have to conduct the electrical work (no pun intended)?
A: Yes. We will not furnish electrical work. Licensed Pool/Spa Contractors are not electricians. Customers will have to hire and pay for their own electricians.

Q: Do I need to have other work finished before you begin to remodel?
A: Yes. Any excavation, irrigation, plumbing, and/or electrical that you may have contracted with other parties, should be installed and completed before we begin work on your pool.

Q: Do you warranty against Marcite delamination?
A: Yes. But we only warranty that Marcite will not delaminate. We do not warrant Marcite against discoloration, mottling, etching, or stains of any kind. The Marcite is turned over to you the homeowner at the time of completion and material is white as promised.

Q: Are there other warranty specifics I should be aware of?
A: Yes. Manufacturer(s) Warranty(s) are as follows: All Exposed Aggregates, including but not limited to, Marquis and or Diamond Brite come with a ten-year warranty, All Pebble products, including but not limited to Stone Scapes mini and regular rock come with a limited lifetime warranty. Actual Finish and water color may differ from digitally reproduced samples in provided brochures. The waters depth, angle of sunlight and surrounding landscape can all be determining factors. Water color may differ slightly as variations in shade and contrast are natural. Artistic Pools strongly recommends viewing pools prior to making a decision on color. We will provide pools to view upon request. Disclaimer: Some colors contain seashells, such as abalone and mother of pearl. The shells are made up of material from seawater and from living mollusk. Due to the nature of shell materials and variables of water chemistry, Artistic Pools cannot guarantee the shell materials against long term degradation or changes in color or brilliance. Aquavations Hydrazzo product comes with a ten-year warranty. Artistic Pools offers a 30 day workmanship warranty on all products we apply on swimming pool/spa only. Artistic Pools does not warranty deck products. Please note that if customer enters pool/spa before pool/spa is filled and system started these actions could void all warranties stated. All pool/spa materials are guaranteed to be as specified. All work to be completed in a workmanlike manner, according to industry standards.

Cleaning Services

Q: May I cancel Cleaning Services at any time?
A: Yes. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. In the event that a service is not satisfactorily completed in your opinion, please notify us so that we can look into the matter to resolve it quickly. If you don’t bring the issue to our attention, we cannot make things right. If cancellation is requested before the start of the week, you will not be responsible for that week's service. If you cancel during a service week, cancellation will be effective for the following week and you will be charged for the current week's service.

Q: Will I be charged for the chemicals used to treat my pool during Cleaning services?

A: Yes. All chemicals are provided by us and will be charged separately. Chemical use is greatly dependent upon location of the pool, weather, bathing load, feeder system, and continued maintenance. Customers also need to maintain proper water level.

Q: Will you still come if I am not home?
A: Yes. But customers are responsible for making sure our technicians have access to the pool and equipment. No refund will be given for a scheduled visit if the technician is unable to reasonably gain access to the property and the property is not serviced. Customers are also responsible for maintaining code compliance with the city on all safety issues so that our technicians can safely enter your property to do their job.

Q: Do you show up if there is a hazardous storm?
A: Yes. In the event of a hazardous storm, we will perform a chemical service only, and no refunds will be given for this abbreviated visit.

Q: Do you take national holidays off?
A: Yes. Pools are not usually serviced on holidays unless special arrangements have been made. 

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  • Swimming Pool Safety Month declared by Florida Governor Charlie Christ - April 2008
  • Drowning Prevention: 2007 Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act
  • Pinellas County Stormwater Ordinance
    (Chapter 58 Article VI)
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      THE LAW:
      Any discharge to the drainage system or to any receiving waters of the county that is not composed entirely of stormwater is prohibited. No pollutants of any kind may be discharged to the stormsewer system. Connecting a discharge pipe from a pool to the county drainage system is illegal (Section 58-247). No person may maintain, use, or establish any direct or indirect connection to the separate storm sewer system that results in any discharge violation.

      Particulate (D.E.) pool filter backwash, Chlorinated pool water, and Masonry material or concrete washout cannot be emptied into any roadway, stormdrain, pond, or other waterway. Violations of this ordinance may be fined up to $10,000 per day in addition to cleanup costs and abatement fees. Questions? Contact Ryan Ryczek, Pinellas County Environmental Management, 727-464-4425,,

      A working separation tank and bags let you put the D.E. in a dumpster or other approved receptacle. Before draining a pool, allow water to sit in pool for several days to dissipate the chlorine. Drain water to vegetated areas such as a lawn or garden. Do not store construction materials such as sand, gravel, etc., in the road. Keep oil, fuel, and other chemical products properly contained and out of the rain.


      THE LAW: 
      The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act passed by the US Congress applies to all public pools (including those found in community associations) and requires that all public pools and spas take affirmative steps to mitigate intake-entrapment issues by 12/31/2008. The act also imposes a set of minimum state law requirements for pool safety. This means that all pools will have to be equipped with anti-entrapment devices or other systems to prevent entrapment in pool drains. In addition, all outdoor residential pools must be enclosed by a barrier to prevent children from gaining unsupervised or unfettered access to the pool. Pools with a main drain must be equipped with a drain cover that meets the requirements of the consumer product safety commission. There are a variety of solutions which we recommend. Pools or spas with a single main drain (other than an unblockable drain) can be equipped with one or more of the following devices or systems: (A) Safety vacuum release system that engages when a blockage is detected. (B) Suction-limiting vent system. (C) Gravity-drainage system. (D) Automatic pump shut-off. (E) Drain-disablement system.

      All pools will have to be equipped with anti-entrapment devices or other systems prevent entrapment in pool drains. All outdoor residential pools must be enclosed by a barrier to prevent children from gaining unsupervised or unfettered access to the pool. Pools with a main drain must be equipped with a drain cover that meets the requirements of the consumer product safety commission.

      Pools or spas with a single main drain (other than an unblockable drain) can be equipped with one or more of the following devices or systems: (A) Safety vacuum release system that engages when a blockage is detected. (B) Suction-limiting vent system. (C) Gravity-drainage system. (D) Automatic pump shut-off. (E) Drain-disablement system. Questions? Contact Mike Drummond, Artistic Pools of FLA, 727-536-5055,


        Do not lower the water level in the pool for three very important reasons: - Water is needed in the pool to counter-balance the pressure (called hydrostatic pressure) which will build up outside of the pool shell during a storm. During a storm, the ground around a swimming pool will become saturated with water from the rain and flooding. When water levels in the ground rise, the pressure outside or below an inground swimming pool increases. When this happens, the pool can literally pop out of the ground which will require a very high cost of repair. A filled pool will have water pressure inside the pool which will counter-balance the pressure from the water outside the pool. This will help protect your pool. - Water is needed in the pool to protect the finish or surface of the pool from getting hit with sand, trees, flying debris, etc. - If the pool is filled or overfilled as a precaution, then contaminated water will have nowhere in your pool to flow so it will run-off to another lower location. This will assist in cleanup and help keep bacteria out of your pool.

        Do not run pool equipment - Turn off the power, at the circuit breaker, to all of your pool equipment but do not drain water from the system. The extra water will help to weigh down the equipment. - If you can, remove the motor and store it inside in a dry place to protect this "dry end" of the pump from being damaged from water (flooding). If you do not remove the motor, the you can carefully wrap the motor in a plastic with tape or rope tied tightly around it.

        Shock your pool. Extra chlorine should be added to the pool to prevent contamination.

        Remove all loose items from the pool area. These items can become projectiles which can damage your house and other things. This includes patio furniture, toys, skimmer lids, automatic cleaners, and anything that is not bolted or tied down. Loose items should only be put into the pool as a last resort. If they are in the pool, they can shift during the storm and scrape against the surface of the pool. They can be ruined by the added chemicals. If they are made of metal or glass they can stain the pool or break making cleanup very costly. If your pool is vinyl or fiberglass, don't ever put anything in the pool because the vinyl liner could tear and the fiberglass could be scratched.

        If you have a pool cover that is held on by water tubes or some other type of weights, do not put it on. These types of covers will be easily blown off. If you have a safety cover (this cover is attached to anchors in the deck around the pool), put it on. These covers are designed to hold even in the winds of a hurricane.